Yellow Fever Vaccination in Brentford

Yellow Fever Vaccination in Brentford

Yellow Fever Vaccines

Yellow fever vaccines are given to protect against the yellow fever disease. Yellow fever is a viral infection caused by the mosquito bite. Symptoms include fever, vomiting, nausea, muscle pain and headache. It can occasionally be fatal.

The vaccines provide immunity against it which needs to be given atleast 10 days before traveling. It is given in injection form in the upper arm. The vaccine lasts for life time.

Some countries require a yellow fever vaccination certificate. Your certificate is provided to you by the travel clinic and becomes valid 10 days after the jab is administered.

Yellow Fever Vaccine side effects

Side effects are rare. Normal side effects could include injection site soreness, pain and headache.

Yellow Fever Vaccine Cost

The cost of Yellow fever vaccines vary from clinic to clinic. At B.A Williams Chemist in Brentford, Yellow Fever Vaccination cost £58.00 (Including the certificate). For more information call on 0208 560 3834 or simply visit the store.

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